There are many botanical ingredients that companies use as soap ingredients. Rose petals and lavender being the classics, and Himalayan Pink Salt soaps being the trendy ones. However, we believe that adding the goodness of fruit purees to the soap is one method of giving something unique and refreshing to our consumers.

Purees add both color and the goodness of nature to soaps. It is usually not known whether any of the skin-loving properties of the product will survive the soap making environment, but there is just something extra we focus on to help you get that long-lasting fruit benefits.

We use our secret of fruits in the soap making process. However, the advance process of adding purees to soap batter is considered an advanced soapmaking technique — there are many variables to consider.

Fruit purees add fats, sodium, natural sugars, nutrients and water to your soap. A different kind of puree will have a different effect on our finished soap. For eg, banana soap contains manganese in it, which is good for your skin. The amount of fat, sugar, sodium and water will vary depending on the type of soap we are preparing.

Likewise, a strawberry puree will require us to add significant sugar and water in order to get you the end product.

We practice and recommend too towards using a puree in your soap and account for water discount. A water discount implies withholding a small amount of the water used in the recipe.

Fruits contain some natural water.

Did you know? That too much of water makes your soap soggy. That’s why, adding too much of fruit puree usually throws off the balance of oils and lye for soap. In the worst case, adding too much of it could cause mold and bacteria growth in the soap. That’s why we hold our expertise in ensuring your safety and making our soaps just perfect. So that it fits your usage needs.

Also, we avoid fermented fruits, such as black bananas and fruits with soft spots. (So, you get only quality ingredients onto your skin), The extra high sugar content can affect the end results, as can any natural alcohol content in the fruit.

So, excited? Why not experience the freshness yourself with our Avrell soap varieties! Order yours today.

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