Millennials have a great capacity for technology, we all know it. They’ve grown with it and have had immense exposure to data & information which is available at fingertips. So, do they value something else as well? Yes, their health. And apparently, a number of Millenials opted for a high demand for cleaner, organic products that didn’t cause harm to the environment or their health. They are the future, and that why companies need to adapt to cleaner production.

More and more people are now making a shift to healthy & eco-friendly products. So, we at Avrell, gave you the best option to choose for your bathing experience. But we believe that might not be aware of how your commercial soaps might be causing harm to you and the environment, so, we made you this informative post.

Without any further delay, let us discuss why you should shift to natural handmade soaps?

1. Sustainable

If you start using natural products, you are then empowering your economic and social development. And also help many ‘ecosystem services’ to ensure an uninterruptedly healthy planet. Imagine a world where there’s a clean supply of air, water, food, and raw materials, to disease regulation and space for recreation. Yes, you are making that a reality by shifting to natural products.

2. PH Matters

The PH scale is regarded as an important factor in maintaining the skin’s natural barrier. It should always be around 9–10 for Natural Soap. This level is alkaline in nature, making the soap a gentler and more effective towards our skin. The presence of Coconut Oil in the soap moisturizes, nourishes and helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.


3. Our Little Planet

There are a series of toxic chemicals in various OTC “soaps” that not just cause harm to our bodies but also cause serious damage to the Earth. As there’s a vast use in conventional body care products, dangerous chemicals are commonly found in oceans, rivers, and lakes. This further contributes to pollution and we all know the alarming rate of it.

4. Non-Factory Product

As natural products are what they are after all — natural. They are not manufactured in factories. It is because of this reason why you can trust the natural soap as they are not ‘processed’ to be able to make it to your home.

5. Animal-Friendly

Instead of promoting the all necessary animal testing products (as they contain chemicals!), we should pledge against it. The chemicals used in OTC “soap” are dangerous for our skin and can cause chronic diseases. It is the reason why many major brands employ using animal testing before launching their products. Good news! Natural soaps are entirely cruelty-free.

reasons to switch to natural handmade soap

6. Full of Glycerin Goodness

Glycerin benefits are proven to deliver a wonderfully transformative effect on the skin. Plant fats generally contain about 9–13% of Glycerin, which helps the skin maintain moisture hours after you wash. Our soap making cold-process method ensures that the Glycerin binds with the soap molecules to give you a mesmerizing bathing experience.


Now that the world is valuing natural and sustainable products more, it is time for us to take action. We must use products that provide an “air of authenticity,” and make us feel good about shopping ethically and pass on this goodness forward to our communities.

We, at Avrell, are determined to deliver the same with our range of handmade, natural soaps. Currently, we offer the following flavor in our Avrell soaps range: Strawberry, Coconut, Pineapple, Mango, Grapes, and Banana.

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