People nowadays have become more aware of the hazards of using chemical loaded products. Be it skincare or food; people now prefer organic products free from toxins.

Most of the skincare products like soaps, body lotion, and shampoo commonly available in the market use questionable fragrances, dyes, and chemicals. These might not have an immediate impact on our health, but over some time, these toxins absorbed by the skin can lead to serious health issues.

Organic soap are made with the aim to minimize or even avoid this casual toxin exposure and absorption to the skin. Here’s a list of benefits of using organic soaps for skin,

1. Has Better Healing Properties

Due to its various ingredients like essential oils, honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, turmeric, etc; organic soaps tend to deliver healing properties for skin conditions like eczema, acne, and sunburn.

2. Cruelty-Free

Organic soaps are mostly made through a cruelty-free process. They do not use animal fat and are not tested on animals.

organic soap benefits for skin

3. Better for Environment

The word organic means that there will be no toxin waste to dispose the soap into the environment. Further, you’ll be happy to know that no potentially harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used to make organic products. This reduces soil, air, and water pollution. Hence, organic soaps are mostly environment-friendly.

4. Organic is Healthier

Organic products are not just healthy to consume but also are eco-friendly & healthier to produce. The process of producing organic products does not involve the use of any chemical components, fertilizers, or animal experimentation. Hence it’s a cycle of healthy production, consumption, and disposal because what goes around comes around (that’s karma 😉).

benefits of using organic soaps for skincare

5. More Economic

Besides safety, organic soaps also have a good impact on the economy. It has various social benefits. Since most of the organic products are made by crafters individually in the local community or local market, so the majority of the money circulates within the same community.

6. Organic soap has Glycerine

In non-organic commercially sold soap, glycerine is extracted and used in other products as a raw material such as body lotions. Yet, in organic soaps, glycerine is used as one of the major ingredient. When it comes to your skin, glycerine is the best moisturizing agent you could ever have. It not only retains moisture but it also provides a soft touch to your skin texture. The use of glycerine is one of the factors that contribute to the high cost of organic soaps.

7. Maintain PH level

The PH level is almost 9 to10. This means that these soaps are not harsh to use and are gentler on the skin. The use of natural ingredients such as coconut oil not only provides moisture to the skin but also maintains the ph level of your skin.


8. An Ideal Choice for Vegans

As organic soaps rely more on the use of botanical extracts and herbs to achieve the target. It is an ideal choice for vegans. Mostly organic soaps do not use animal fats. Instead, coconut and palm oil is used as base oil along with essential oils extracted from a variety of flowers, plants, spices and even fruits such as lemon and orange.

9. No Chemical Antibacterial Toxins

Non-organic antibacterial soaps contain chemicals like triclosan, paraben, and other toxic petrochemicals that disrupt the hormones in humans and is harmful to the reproductive system as well. Organic soaps use natural antibacterial like tea tree and peppermint essential oils. These do not have any adverse effects. The used essential oils add up to the aroma and provide aromatherapy to your skin as well.

why use organic soaps for skin

10. Loaded with Antioxidants

These soaps possess antioxidant properties of the ingredients being used. This makes a big difference because antioxidants help in slowing the skin’s aging process. Further, it too helps in rejuvenating the skin. A soap that is rich in antioxidants leaves your skin look younger and refreshing.

End Story

In love with the benefits of using organic soap for skin? Why not try them? Select from our range of handmade soaps made from real fruits and designed to serve you the best nutrients for your skin.

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