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Enriched with organic and pure ingredients, we bring you the fruit care in your skin care...

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A healthy skincare is the best care you can give to your skin.
Here’s what we offer to you!

"Fruit is Nature's Candy!"

Oh, we claim our products to be good. No worries, let’s not delay any further. Here’s a few of many reasons on why you should give our soaps a try.

1. Health

● Natural

● Wellness

● Rejuvenation

2. Quality

● Zero Toxin

● Hygienic

● Bio-degradable

3. Delight

● Guilt-Free

● Convenience

● Natural Aroma

Our Experiences

Because of the hectic schedule, we women are hardly able to give time to our skincare. In today's time, it is also quite hard to spend all your weekends in a salon/spa. I find Avrell soaps a perfect fit which nourishes and makes me feel refreshing. The feeling after the bath helps me take up my day with a full charge.

Shivangi SharmaHead of Technology, ReInss TechWorks

The soaps offer value for money. From packaging to the bathing feeling, everything is very elegant. I could sense the difference in my skin in just about a week.

AparnaFashion Blogger

Avrell soap quality is good. It really fascinated me how it lubricates the skin and nourishes. Also, imparts glow after the wash and its natural fragrant simply enhances the bathing experience.

Akansha GuptaDoctor

I'm wondering why I never found this product earlier. It has helped me relax my skin pores and really gives a rejuvenating essence after the bath. Delighted to have it on my skin care list!

Manjeet KaurTeacher

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